Obsessed with Speed, Oops that's a State Trooper

Obsessed with Speed, Oops that's a State Trooper

I wanted to share my recent encounter with an Ohio State Trooper. When I commute to my day job, it is a 120 mile round trip run. As you would expect, I try to get there as fast as I can, legally of course. My recent trip caught me on an off day. I passed a slower driver, set my cruise and was on my way. A few minutes later a car got on my bumper, there is nobody behind me or beside me. I assumed the car would go around me, but they stayed on my bumper. So I got in the left lane and slowed down. The little car took off, so I set my cruise and was again on my way. About a mile or two later I caught the little car, nothing around us so I got in the left lane and passed them. They jumped on my bumper again and I am not talking a car length, I'm talking I couldn't see any headlights (6 am commute). Same thing, I get over in the left lane and let them go by. This happens two more time's before getting on the main outer belt. While getting on the outer belt, the car was on my bumper, having enough, I said let's see how fast you will go to keep up and I put my foot to the floor. Keeping a close eye all around me, I lost that little guy. I slowed back down to a "legal" speed and not 30 seconds later, the little car was on my bumper again! So my brain couldn't help but tell my right foot to push the gas peddle to the floor. This time the "little car" stayed with me, then turned on their pretty red and blue disco lights. We pulled over and he did not come up to the window asking for my autograph. The conversation went more like this.

Trooper: Good Morning. Do you know why I pulled you over?

Me: I have a pretty good idea but I'll let you tell me.

Trooper: I just paced you at over xxx mph.

Me: Whaaa are you sure that was me? No way was I going that fast.

Trooper: License and registration please, I'll be right back.

Need less to say, my ticket didn't come with a direct fine, it came with a scheduled court date. I will tell you the Ohio State Trooper was very polite and not a typical condescending knuckle head.

My record has been pretty clean since I grew up. HAHA. Ok so I didn't grow up, but it has been pretty clean for quite some time now. My younger days, not so much.

Oh this obsession of mine!!



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