We are back for SOFR 2018

We have again teamed up with the Southern Ohio Forest Rally as a sponsor. We also sponsored the ShowMe Rally in Missouri this past fall.  www.southernohioforestrally.com May 18 - 19, 2018 COME CHECK IT OUT! or Volunteer #SOFR #SOFRSOGOOD #RallyAmerica #USRALLY

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Rally In the 100 Acre Woods & Subaru Bob Sleding

bobsledding Mark Higgins Obsessedwithspeed Subaru

A few of the team are at Rally America Rally in the 100 Acre Woods. What an amazing team and awesome competitors. While one of us was in Net Control (where the rally runs from) I found the Mark Higgins video. #BobSleddingSubaru #ObsessedWithSpeed He's off the hook and we love him.

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As Promised - Exciting News

Rally SOFR Southern Ohio Forest Rally Speed Stage Notes

As promised when we launched the site just over a year ago, it was said "We have some exciting racing news coming down the pipe". Well it's here and in case you have not seen it yet we are a proud sponsor of the Southern Ohio Forest Rally! "The Southern Ohio Forest Rally has joined the Rally America National Championship, beginning with the series’ 2017 season. The two-day event will take place on Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20, and will comprise Rounds 5 and 6 of the 2017 Rally America schedule." Check out the site, www.southernohioforestrally.com, you can also...

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Obsessed with Speed, Oops that's a State Trooper

I wanted to share my recent encounter with an Ohio State Trooper. When I commute to my day job, it is a 120 mile round trip run. As you would expect, I try to get there as fast as I can, legally of course. My recent trip caught me on an off day. I passed a slower driver, set my cruise and was on my way. A few minutes later a car got on my bumper, there is nobody behind me or beside me. I assumed the car would go around me, but they stayed on my bumper. So I...

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The Launch - Seven5SevenCo, LLC.

Launching Seven5SevenCo, LLC. has been a long time coming. With our obsession for speed being at the forefront and not being able to find an existing brand that projected our passion well enough, we came up with Seven5SevenCo. While we aren't a bunch of irresponsible kids who simply like to drive fast with no regard for our surroundings, we are serious about speed and we hope the brand shows it. Every trip is a race. Have fun, go fast, stay safe, win a race and show some love, pick out a shirt or two. -Team 757

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